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Discover energy art that touches the senses and nourishes the soul. Welcome to my online shop from South Tyrol.

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Everything that comes from love carries this energy forward.

With great attention to detail

exclusive - enchanting - unique

It is this connection to nature that gives me the inspiration for my art. When I paint, I feel the energy flowing through my hands and transferring to the canvas. Every brushstroke, every nuance of color, carries the essence of this connection and breathes life into the work of art.

My art arises from my deep connection with nature, the
Visible and invisible, as well as the divine spark that is in everything
When I paint, I feel the energy flowing through my hands
flows and is transferred to the canvas. Every brushstroke, every
Colour nuance carries the essence of this connection and breathes life into the
work of art brings life.

This means that my artworks are a connection
to nature and add warmth and liveliness to your home.

Colors can be words,
Pictures a poem.
You can open gates
and make the soul dance

– Christine Schölzhorn

Original artworks

Give your home a special atmosphere with exclusive original art: each picture comes with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee authenticity.

Trees of Life

Imagine you are standing in a forest, surrounded by mighty trees. This is exactly the feeling I want to bring to you with my Tree of Life artworks.

For me, trees symbolize the connection between heaven and earth. They represent peace, strength and harmony. My art is intended to convey exactly that to you and inspire you.

Art prints

Art prints are high-quality reproductions of works of art created using special printing techniques.

This means you can bring excellent quality art into your home at a more affordable price. Each of my art prints is produced with the utmost care and precision by a select printing company. I am sure that these works of art will enrich your home and your heart.

✔️on canvas

✔️with finishing

✔️on aluminum

✔️ on Premium Composite

flower of Life

The Flower of Life embodies perfect order; every cell recognizes this and strives to align itself accordingly.

This is what my customers say


My energy pictures not only give private households, but also
Business premises, hotels and companies a unique atmosphere.
They are more than just works of art – they bring positive energy and inspiration
into every room.

Garden Hotel Moser

Buddha original image

Chalet Village Valsegg

Wall painting yoga room

Peintner Tiles, Schabs

Solar power original image

Hotel Gassenhof, Ridnaun

Wall painting spa area